Description of Race Course 2018



• The start will be at the first bump out south of Odiorne Point State Park on Rt.1-A.

• Big Plus! We will only be on 1-A for a short while, turning right on Parsons Rd.

• Follow Parsons Rd. to the intersection with Marsh Rd. This will be a crossing point (#1), after which we will run facing traffic until the left onto Bracket Rd. at the Clark/Bracket Rd. intersection. At this intersection there will be another crossing point (#2) after which we will continue to run with traffic on Bracket until reaching Wallis Rd.

• Turn right on Wallis and continuing on the right side of the road, with traffic, until the intersection with Sagamore Rd. (at Lang’s Corner Garage)

• The course turns right onto Sagamore Rd. and continues on the right side of the road until Clark Rd.

• At Clark Rd, the course both turns right and crosses Clark Rd. (crossing point #3) so that you will run down Clark Rd. against the traffic to Bracket Rd., where you turn left and continue running against the traffic.

• There will be another crossing point on Bracket Rd (crossing point #4) so that you will be running with traffic for most of the way to it’s end at Rt.1-A.

• At Rt.1-A you will both turn right onto, and cross, Rt. 1-A (crossing point #5). From there you will follow a coned off, dedicated, running lane, against the traffic flow until the bridge. On the other side of the bridge there’s a boat launch facility and the entrance to the bike path in Odiorne State Park that will take you the finish line.