Hello Fellow Runners,

We are getting ever closer to working out the details to host a live race in addition to our Virtual event!

Stay tuned!

 This years 45th edition of the Saunders 10k will be held virtually from August 12 thru August 19. Registration will open by the end of April. Now AND more importantly, I am hopeful that we will also be offering a live race. The date and details will be released as soon as all the issues are resolved so that we can have a safe and fun race.

• This year, as a Virtual Race, you will have a whole week to complete the 10k distance (6.2 miles), starting on Thursday, August 12 at noon and ending on our traditional race day - August 19 at midnight.

• You can complete the distance ANYWHERE in the world that you want, however, both our original and new courses will each be marked for those traditionalists among you. It will be a great chance to revisit the original course.

• And, here's the really cool part. Those of you who have run the race in the past know that you always had to WIN a shirt, and that could be a real challenge. Like last year, everyone who registers for the virtual 10k will receive a special T-shirt.

• In addition to the shirt, for everyone who enters there will be some additional swag — including a special sticker commemorating this Seacoast Classic.

• The race is still partnering with the NHSPCA and in this time of social distancing, they need our help more than ever.

• The race is still part of the Seacoast Road Race Series and to get credit for the race all you have to do is to submit your time after you finish your run.

•After a difficult last year, slowly but surely we are winning the battle against Covid-19, so run with us. Celebrate with us. AND when we can finally compete as before and you see someone wearing one of the special edition shirts, say hi to them, because you will know that both of you are members of a special group of athletes who helped keep this great event alive.

Stay healthy and Run Safe.

Doug Zechel, Race Director, Saunders 10k