Hello Fellow Runners,

This year's 46th edition of the Saunders 10k is back LIVE! And, there will be a Virtual version as well! The live race will once again be held on the third Thursday in August, (8/18) starting at 6 pm., and will be limited to 350 competitors.


The Virtual event will be held from Wednesday, August 10 starting at noon thru Wednesday, August 17, ending at midnight.


The Live race will be run on a modified version of the original course that winds around and through the town of Rye, NH. The start and finish will be on Central Road near the former Evergreen of Rye Garden Center, with parking across the road in the large field near the turn onto Locke Rd.


For the Live race, there will be cash prizes, AND as in year’s past, there will be a limited number of special T-shirts that will need to be won in each of the age groups


Post-race, we will celebrate with the traditional party.


If you run the Virtual Race, you will have a whole week to complete the 10k distance (6.2 miles), starting on Wednesday, August 10 at noon and ending on Thursday, August 17 at midnight, after which you MUST post your time before the start of the live race at 6pm on Thursday, August 18. Those who choose to run virtually will get a T-shirt, that will be mailed out after the conclusion of the live race.


You can complete your Virtual Race ANYWHERE in the world at whatever time works for you within the constraints.

Stay healthy and Run Safe.

Doug Zechel, Race Director, Saunders 10k